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Posted by Diana Podaski on Wed, Feb 22, 2017 @ 13:02 PM

Linear Retail Comic Strip Center

We try to find humor in our daily challenges, our annoyances or just things that we find funny in our daily lives in the retail real estate industry. We try not to take ourselves too seriously. If we generate more smiles than groans, cringes, head scratches or blank stares, we will feel as though we've succeeded. We try to generate a new cartoon once a month. 


The worst pick-up line

Worst pickup line_v5

Algorithm Annoyance

Proprietary Algorithm_v-final2

RECon 2018 - The Line-up 

Line up_v2


Overstored U.S. ...  or maybe understored? 

Overstored US4


Clicks to bricks - An online shopping inspired center

Online shopping center5


Bitcoin - Keeping up with the value

bitcoin 3.jpg


Two Car Garage - When online shopping gets a bit excessive

2 Car Garage_v1d.jpg


Voice Premonition - A play on voice recognition with the foreboding of what might be in store next

Alexa_low res.jpg


Media Center Comic - Take a swing



Special Ruler Comic - Getting it just right

Special Ruler v4-low res.jpg


Restaurant Row Comic - A daily conversation you may find yourself in with coworkers

Restaurant Row Comic


Trophy Property Comic  - This one may resonate with the Baby Boomers more but this was very common
Trophy Property Comic


Tinted Windows Comic - A close relationship with the vendor and architects

Tinted Windows Comic


Halloween Comic - When Batman needs some more personal branding

Halloween Comic


ICSC RECon Comic - Flashy guy

ICSC RECon Comic


Omni-channel Retail Comic - Home shopping

Omni-channel retail comic


ICSC RECon Comic - Uber Tut

ICSC RECon Comic


Coming Soon Sign Comic - Asterisk

Coming Soon Sign Comic


Budget Season Comic - Sorry, fully booked

Budget Season Comic


Undercover Comic - Off Market Deal

Undercover comic


Marketing Comic - End Caps Available

Marketing Comic


Leasing Comic - Anchor Lease Negotiations

Leasing Comic


ICSC RECon Comic - Five Cap

ICSC RECon comic


ICSC RECon Comic - Rookie

ICSC RECon Comic


Leasing Comic - Sammy's Subs

Leasing Comic


Crowdsourcing Comic - Rent is due

Crowdsourcing comic


Food Trucks Comic - No parking

Food Trucks Comic


Leasing Comic - NNN Confusion

Leasing Comic


Architect Comic - Unicorns and Rainbows

Architect Comic


Retail Comic - Hold The Cheese

Restaurant Comic


Lifestyle Centers Comic - Everything You Need

Lifestyle Centers Comic


Acquisitions Comic - Seller Logic

Acquisitions Comic


Commercial Real Estate Comic - Short Form Lease

Commercial Real Estate Comic


Retail Comic - Six Months Lease

Retail Comic


Nail Salon Comic - Nail Salon Surprise

Nail Salon Comic


Online Shopping Comic - A Case For Brick & Mortar

Online Shopping Comic


Broker Comic - Broker of the Year

Broker Comic


Sustainability Comic - Sight Line Struggles

Sustainability Comic

We hope you've enjoyed our commercial real estate comics. 

NOTE: Readers of our comic blog are free to share, copy or use our cartoons, we only ask that you attribute any public use to Linear Retail Properties with a link to our website www.linearretail.com


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