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Posted by Bill Beckeman on Mon, Oct 22, 2012 @ 11:10 AM

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#27. Tinted Windows (click image to further enlarge)
#26. Halloween Comic (click image to further enlarge)

#25. RECon 2015 Comic (click image to further enlarge)


#24. Omni-Channel Retail (click image to further enlarge)


#23. RECon 2014 Comic (click image to further enlarge)

RECon comic 2014

#22. Coming Soon (click image to further enlarge)

coming soon vf close up low res

#21. Budget Season (click image to further enlarge)

 budget season v2 low res

#20. Undercover Deal (click image to enlarge)

off market vf2 sm

#19. Pizza Showrooming (click image to enlarge)

pizza showrooming vf low res

#18. End Caps (click image to enlarge)

end cap vf sm

#17. Anchor Lease Negotiations (click image to enlarge)

exclusives final   small

#16. Five Cap (click image to enlarge)

5 Cap v3 low res

#15. RECon Rookie (click image to enlarge)

rookie final   low res

#14. Sub Tenants (click image to enlarge)
describe the image

#13. Crowdsourcing (click image to enlarge)

crowdsourcing vf sm

#12. Food Truck Parking (click image to enlarge)

food truck parking   vf sm

#11. Triple Net (click image to enlarge)

describe the image

#10. Fantasy Rendering (click image to enlarge)

Fantasy Rendering vf sm

#9. Hold The Cheese (click image to enlarge)

Hold the cheese vf sm

 #8. Lifestyle Centers (click image to enlarge)

Liftstyle center comic

#7. Seller Logic (click image to enlarge)

Seller logic vf sm

#6. Short Form Lease (click image to enlarge)

short form lease vf sm


#5. Six Month Lease (click image to enlarge)

describe the image


#4. Nail Salon Surprise (click image to enlarge)

pedicure vf small


#3. A Case For Bricks And Mortar (click image to enlarge)

A Case For Brick And Mortar

#2. Broker Of The Year (click image to enlarge)

Broker v1 sm 

#1. Sight Line Struggles (click image to enlarge)

comic sustainability vf flowers small



We are amateur cartoonists. We've never done this before so please lower your expectations. At least the price is right. We try to find humor in our daily challenges, our annoyances or just things that we find funny in our daily lives in the retail real estate industry. We try not to take ourselves too seriously. Accordingly, we may on occasion try to make light of things that just aren't very funny or maybe even offend some people. If we ever cross the line in your mind, please give us a shout. We just aim to make you smile. If we generate more smiles than groans, cringes, head scratches or blank stares, we will feel as though we've succeeded.

If we get enough positive feedback we'll try to generate a new cartoon every couple of weeks.

(NOTE: Readers of our comic blog are free to share, copy or use our cartoons, we only ask that you attribute any public use to Linear Retail Properties with a link to our website


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